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Ruins (At Least there's an avant-garde, you and I), (2009-10) was shot on the Galápagos islands and in the Galápagos landscape, a site permeated by romanticized 'natural' space, the constant flux of eco-tourism, the unlikely birthplace of post- Enlightenment science, and a topography that stubbornly resists such idealizations. 

In this multifaceted work I take on the persona of the isolated artist, working as an 'island,' creating a fragmented picture reminiscent of modernist accounts of the artist and his practice. Using video, text, and photography, I write "letters" back to a "home" that seems to exist in an indeterminate state of pre- or post- revolution. I see these "letters" as machinic devices use to ironize both the aesthetics and politics of the island encounter.

The following are selected photographs from the project, which also included the video Perverse Surface (2010).